Customer Support and F.A.Q.'s

Customer Support and Frequently asked Questions:

Can I Check on the Status of My Custom Order?

Yes you can! We have set up a page on Black Oak’s Website to check on the status of your order.  Orders are running an average of 20 weeks from the date your stamp was submitted. Click here and you can search the production calendar to verify your pieces are in their system and see the current status.  

Click here to see your Custom Order Status

When will my Custom Order Ship?

Because of the personalized handmade process that they use at Black Oak Art, we do not give out exact shipping dates.  Most orders are running about 20 weeks on average. If it has been past that 20 weeks and you haven’t heard anything, then please fill out this form on their website and they will help to find out if there is a problem.  

Click here if you are still waiting and it’s been past 20 weeks from your order date.

I have a problem with pieces I received. What do I do?

So sorry to hear that. If you received the wrong color pieces or there is a quality issue that they need to be made aware of please fill out this form on the Black Oak website and they will help to get the issue resolved. Please include pictures as well.  

I have an issue with an order I received.

If we purchase a stamp fee can we use it on future pieces?   

Yes! The stamp fee is a one time fee per customer.  Once you purchase your stamp from us you will be able to use it again on future pieces you want to order using the same stamp name.  

Do you keep the stamps on file or send them to the customer?

We make the stamps in the studio and they are only for use with clay and production only.  We do not ship the stamps to customers, but we do keep them on file for any future orders.  

I tried to order Custom Dish Ware or Serving pieces and they say they are sold out online, what do I do?

All our custom pottery is made to order, and therefore doesn't sell out.  Double check that you are looking under either "Custom Serving Pieces" or "Custom Dish Ware".   Our "Hand-thrown Pottery" is unstamped and we do run of out those from time to time. We will always have more in stock however, so please check back later.

Also, at this time we no longer customize the oval platters.  The demand was so great that the turn-around time was extremely long.  We hope to offer them again when we catch up on current demand. However, you can order them unstamped.  

Is the Pottery Lead Free?

Yes, all our pottery and glazes are Non - Toxic and food safe.  They are all lead and cadmium free.  

Do you ship overseas?

At this time we ship to the US and Canada.  We are looking into shipping overseas as well.

Can you make a ‘one-off piece’ of custom pottery?  

Black Oak Art is a custom wholesale hand thrown production studio, and at this time they only make custom pieces that meet our wholesale requirements or minimum quantities.  If you are interested in having a custom wholesale pieces made please email

Other Inquiries

If you have a question or concern that is not addressed please fill out this form and someone will respond within 48 hours to your question.   Click here for the Customer Support Form