Simple and Fresh On Repeat


With the sun out and the slowed down pace of life, I find myself losing track of time, forgetting to eat at normal times, and craving, simple, fresh foods I can prepare with little or no heat. 

I've recently started using this garlic grater plate to create an afternoon snack that usually ends up replacing my dinner.  The ridges in this hand thrown plate are sharp enough to grate a raw clove of garlic and has deep enough walls to add in your favorite olive oil and flavored vinegar. Add in any fresh herbs you have on hand, a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. Grab a fresh baguette from the store and a fresh snack that feels fancy but takes no time, is yours.  Add some veggies or charcuterie meats and cheese and make it an al fresco meal in minutes.  

Enjoy with a crisp white wine or sparkling rose and you have yourself a simple but indulgent summer moment. 

Pictured above we used our Garlic Grater Plate to grate the garlic and serve the oil and vinegar in, the Teak Salt Cellar to add flakey sea salt to the oil, our Ashburn Cutting Board to serve it on, and the Brightland Awake Olive Oil and Brightland Raspberry Vinegar for dipping. 

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