New Release Glaze Color

When we opened our doors almost 4 years ago we launched the store in downtown Waco and the online store with our 4 signature glaze colors - white, gather blue, gray, and black.  After testing glazes for a year now, we're ready to add a new limited release glaze color:

Introducing || Matte Olive

This new glaze color has a matte finish and feels so soft to the touch.  The olive is warm and toned down.  This is a relatively full coverage glaze, meaning its pretty solid and consistent.  When it does break over the edge or get thinner in places, it has tones of light brown and tan.  
We feel it mixes really well with our gray, white, and black glazes, making it perfect for adding to your current collection. 
We will carry both our Customized line of dishes and the Classic Line (unstamped) in the matte olive through the end of the year. 
Place your custom order by August 28th to be guaranteed delivery by Christmas. 

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  • Can’t wait to add this color to my existing Customized collection of Gather dishes!

    Jonie-SilverFox Farm

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