Custom Pottery: Where the Journey Began



Customized Pottery for Fixer Upper Client, Patti Baker

In January of 2018 an episode of Fixer Upper aired featuring a set of our customized pottery that Joanna Gaines commissioned for her client, Patti Baker.  
Before that episode aired we were making custom dishes for clients with their names on them as word spread around Waco. At that time it was only by word of mouth that people knew we could personalize their plates, bowls, and mugs.
We decided to make the pottery available online right before the show aired. We could never have dreamed of the amazing response to our dishes and how loved they would become.
It was a crazy season of learning to make well made, personalized pottery while keeping up with the demand of dozens of new orders daily.  Sometimes it took longer than we anticipated to catch up with that demand. We are forever grateful for all the customers who gave us grace, let us make them pottery we were proud of, allowed us to apologize and try to make up for our shortcomings, and let us live on in their homes, around their tables, through these dishes. 
Since then we have made thousands of custom pottery pieces with your names on them and honed in on our systems and processes.  We know the wait time can still seem long when we live in a world where you can think of something you want/need, click a button, and have something shipped to your door in 2 days - and with free shipping to boot! But we are grateful for customers who recognize the value of well made products, made in America and this small business selling them. 
This has been a whirlwind of a ride, making you all beautiful pottery and getting to contribute to the growth of our Waco community has been a privilege I will always be grateful for. 
We look forward to all that lies ahead and the continued gift to keep selling beautiful, well made, personalized pottery to you, our lovely customers. 

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