Celebrating Summertime with an Ice Cream Bar

Summertime calls for celebration and nothing says celebration more than ice cream. And if you're going to eat ice cream, what's more fun than an ice cream bar? Whether you're hosting a party for friends or just enjoying a sweet treat with the family, here are some tips to help you enjoy.

Decide on how you want to serve the ice cream. Think bowls, cones, mason jars, mugs, martini glasses, even on top of a waffle. Get creative to make serving more fun and special.

Choose fun toppings. Your options here are limitless. Stick with conventional toppings like candy, sprinkles, chocolate chips, or fruit. Or think outside of the box with toppings like edible lavender, crystallized ginger, or caramel corn.

Other fun topping ideas: peach preserves, lemon curd, Bailey's, toasted coconut, fresh mint, peanut butter, espresso powder.

Pour out each topping into an individual container. Put a scoop or spoon in each container to make serving easier. 

Roll out the ice cream into individual servings beforehand. This makes serving the ice cream much more effortless. You can put the pre-scooped ice cream in a large bowl or place it individually in cupcake liners in a cupcake tin before sticking in the freezer. Take out immediately before serving.

Make it a BYOT party (Bring Your Own Topping). Ask guests to each bring their own topping to add a fun twist to your party.



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